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A logistics company deals with the transportation of goods from point A to B and vice versa. The logistics industry has proved itself to be a viable component for every industry in the economy, especially e-commerce. Being an irreplaceable component of the economy, logistics distributors need a strong presence among its competitors.

Word of mouth and physical presence through the client is one thing, but today SEO for logistics companies is the master key of successful business and high revenue generation. To mark your business presence online, you need to showcase your service efficiency and give your expertise to a broad audience.

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SEO Marketing Services for Logistics

To land your logistics company website in the top results in Google search is very challenging, yet crucial for customer and revenue generation. SEO is the technique that helps the Web crawlers grab the attention of your website. According to a popular survey, 15% of the leads for logistics are generating through SEO, which results in successful sales conversion.

SEO for logistics company uses relevant and efficient transportation keywords, which help the website to rank higher in Google rankings. Several newcomers in the industry are creating hard competition for the old tigers in the business through SEO.


For Logistics SEO Services

88Gravity is known for industry professionals and best minds on the market. As your SEO agency we are completely capable of managing the SEO strategy of your brand and delivering quality results. We are well suited to manage all your SEO requirements such as website content creation and management, campaign creation and analysis, market lookout and whatever your custom SEO strategy demands. analysis. Our SEO for your business will take care of all the drawbacks and issues of your website that are affecting the page loading speed.

Logistics SEO Services
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What We Offer in SEO

Competitor Analysis

Progressive analysis of your competitors strategy and ranking, then implement effective logistics SEO

Value Plan Diversity

We choose the best top searched ranking keywords to distinguish your services

Custom SEO Strategies

Use of infographics and videos as SEO optimized creative content assets

Off-Page Services

Regular Audit and optimization existing pages to increase the viability

Creating Engaging Content

Quality content curators create engaging website content for more attention from targeted customers

Outbound linking

Outbound links to increase visitor count on your website and rate of returns


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What Is The Need For Professional SEO Services?

Professionals in SEO for logistics company are experienced in the trade and know the different approaches suitable for your business. We will help find the right keywords that a customer most searched for when looking for logistics services. We will also help you to track the progress of all the efforts put in by us and the results generated by them.

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Why does your logistics company need SEO services

There are several players in the logistics industry, and all of them have the same target audience. It becomes difficult for companies to attract customers with old methods. A logistics SEO service provider will help you to attract your desired target audience and boost your logistics business.

What is the importance of Content Marketing in SEO services for Logistics company

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